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Residential Superintendent

LGE Design Build
Job Description
Position Overview
Manage and coordinate all on site activities of sub-contractors, vendors and material deliveries on a given project for it to progress in a smooth and safe manner at all times while always striving to meet the scheduled deadline of the project. Coordinates efforts with the Project Manager during daily activities but ultimately reports to the Director of Construction.
Functions of Position
  • Assure that all required permits or licenses have been obtained, and that all required safety notices, dust control permit and frequency water logs are posted as required.
  • Responsible for sub-contractor access to the project. Superintendent either opens and locks up each project daily or makes arrangements to have this done by a reliable sub-contractor.
  • Coordinates sub-contractor sequencing and activities on the project as to maintain adequate safe work place for all sub-contractors.
  • Closes the project down on days of rain or an excessively muddy site due to rain in order to maintain compliance with the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, (MCESD)
  • Manages dust generating activities at all times and takes actions necessary to stay in compliance with MCESD by taking dust control and track out measures as required at all times.
  • Monitors construction quality as it progresses and assures the work performed meets LGE and code enforcement standards.
  • Schedules City, County and State inspections when required.
  • Works with Jurisdiction Having Authority to assure code compliance is met.
  • Assists Project Manager in the development of the Project Schedule and works with the Project Manager to keep the overall project schedule updated if it becomes necessary.
  • Create (3) week look ahead schedules on a weekly basis for all projects.
  • Provide a weekly project report identifying the progress of the project and how it compares to the master schedule for the project.
  • Takes weekly photo’s to document progress of the project and substantiates the activities and percentages shown on the weekly progress report.
  • Chair weekly project coordination meetings on site with sub-contractors and to issue confirmation paperwork to the office as a result thereof.
  • Conduct weekly site safety meetings with sub-contractors foreman
  • Review and approve all “as built” record drawing sets for the project upon completion.
  • Review percentage of completion sub-contractor pay applications on a monthly basis.
  • When required, meet with owner’s lender or Construction Manger to review monthly pay requests for the project.
  • Review all time and material vouchers for incidental work as necessary.
  • Maintain good relations and communications with all involved in the project including the sub-contractors, Owners, and Jurisdictions Having Authority.
Required Attributes
  • A strong successful background in commercial construction in a trade position for a period of not less than 5 years with another (5) years as a Commercial Construction Superintendent.
  • Must have at least basic computer skills and be capable of creating weekly reports using Microsoft Excel and Word programs.
  • Strong plan reading skills and have a good understanding of project cost analysis.
  • A strong understanding of sequencing work to accomplish the greatest amount of work in the least amount of time.
  • Must currently have, or shortly after hire be capable of obtaining MCESD “comprehensive” dust control training compliance certification.
  • Work well with others with leadership abilities as required to “guide” field personnel.
  • Takes pride in accomplishing personal and company goals and is a team player representing LGE Design Build in a manner that helps promote LGE as a leader in the industry.
Superintendent coordinates with the Project Manager on a daily basis. Ultimately Reports to and performance reviewed by the Director of Construction.
Annual review by the Director of Construction to review employee’s performance over the past year. Review will take place on or about the anniversary date of employment or 1 year after the most recent review unless an emergency review is required. Subjects to be reviewed will include but not be limited to reviewing past projects successes and failures should there be any. Also input from sub-contractors and other peers within the company will be considered. Review of history of attitude and track record with representing the company in a positive manner. Evidence of how you demonstrate company’s values.
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