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Residential Project Manager

LGE Design Build
Job Description
Position Overview
To plan, direct, budget and coordinate residential construction projects typically through the field Superintendent. Organize and provide a master project schedule and any required updates for sequencing of activity on the project site. Prepare and initiate any cost change orders for the Client of Sub-contractors as required during the course of construction. Assure progress of the project is within the scheduled allotted time frame agreed to for the project. Direct the close out and assure final project punch list and warranty materials are provided in a timely manner.
Functions of Position
  • Schedule the project in logical steps and budget time required to meet promised deadlines.
  • Plan each project set up with the Superintendent including field office location and layout, temporary utilities, staging areas, safety and security practices, fencing, etc.
  • Maintain good relations and communications with all involved in the project including the Owners, sub-contractors, Jurisdictions Having Authority and public.
  • Provide leadership and maintain effective harmonious working relationship with on-site staff and sub-contractors.
  • Assure all required permits are in place at the beginning of each project or that may become required during construction.
  • On larger projects, attend weekly sub-contractor and / or Owner meetings on site to review the upcoming weeks scheduled activity and coordination as well as to provide safety information to the work force.
  • Inspect and review projects on at least a weekly basis to monitor progress and quality of work and to assist the Superintendent as may be required.
  • Fill in for Superintendent as required during superintendents vacation periods or sick days.
  • Interpret and explain plans and contract terms to administrative staff as required.
  • Initiate all sub-contract and prime contact change orders as required throughout the project.
  • Review progress of the project on a daily basis and suggest changes to field personnel with regard to construction activity that may be required to keep on track with the master project schedule.
  • Review monthly pay requests with the Superintendent and confirm the percentages of completion for various activities being invoiced for are in line with the actual work completed.
  • Resolve discrepancies that may occur between the contractors and Superintendent. Bring the issues to the attention of the Director of Construction in more serious cases.
  • Assure all final inspections as required by the Jurisdictions Having Authority have been completed at the end of the project.
  • Coordinate utility accounts with the owners to assure those required to be in place for final inspections are done in advance so they do not affect the construction schedule.
  • Obtain warranty information from any “slow to react” sub-contractors so the warranty package can be provided to the Client on a timely basis.
  • Manage all warranty activities during the entire warranty period after the project has been completed.
Required Attributes
  • A proven working experience of not less than (5) years in residential construction management preferably in the local Phoenix area, with prior trade experience.
  • A degree in construction management, engineering, architecture or related fields a plus.
  • LEED certification a plus.
  • Advanced knowledge in construction scheduling, construction management processes, means and methods.
  • Expert knowledge of building products, plan reading, construction details and relevant construction rules, regulations, and quality standards.
  • Competent in conflict and crisis management as may occur during a commercial construction project.
  • Significant experience in, management, processes, policies, procedures and computer systems.
  • Familiar with construction project management software.
  • Strong leadership and human resources skills.
Reports directly to the Director of Construction.
Annual review to be with the Director of Construction to review employee’s performance over the past year. Review will take place on or about the (1) year anniversary date of the start of employment, or (1) year after the most recent review unless an emergency review is required. Subjects to be reviewed and discussed will include but not be limited to the past projects success and failures should there be any. Also, input from sub-contractors that have worked with the employee as well as other individuals within the company will be considered. Review of history of attitude, and track record of representing the company in a positive manner. Evidence of how you demonstrate company’s values.
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