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Vice President of Sales

LGE Design Build
Job Description
Position Overview:
The Vice President of Sales at LGE Design Build is responsible for the cultivation of new business through networking and lead generation. He or she is expected to represent LGE’s services, expertise, culture and values with new clients and the real estate community. The Vice President of Sales reports to LGE’s COO. The position is one of LGE’s primary outward-facing representatives and is responsible for generating and leading an incredibly exciting, active and diverse pipeline of projects at a company whose reputation is for high design, high quality, versatility and a truly unique design-build business model.
Functions of Position:
The Vice President of Sales (VP of Sales) is responsible for the fundamental tasks and relationships that establish new and repeat business, and generate revenue for the company. The VP of Sales is expected to actively engage the real estate community in monthly, weekly, and sometimes daily events during and outside of normal business hours in order to generate leads. The VP of Sales is responsible for research, current events and tracking of business development activity to report on the effectiveness of the team’s efforts.
In addition to the generation of new business, the VP of Sales is responsible for fostering each lead through the estimating and construction sales process. The VP of Sales is expected to have a comprehensive understanding of such topics as due diligence, financing, entitlements, zoning, real estate transactions, construction divisions, specifications and more. While it is not expected that a candidate should experience in every aspect of the project’s life-cycle on day one, candidates are expected to have 5+ years of experience in a field of real estate and demonstrate willingness to build the proper knowledge-base required for the role. In a design-build firm, multiple critical design, estimating and construction milestones need to be met with clean, well-communicated handoffs between. The VP of Sales is responsible for leading the project’s life-cycle as a client advocate.
Duties Include:
  • Build new client relationships through media, industry contacts, industry events, networking, etc.
  • Demonstrate, establish and grow a deep knowledge base of the critical components of estimating and construction that are drawn upon and expected of the role during presentation to clients and representation in the real estate community.
  • Maintain and grow list of clients and industry contacts
  • Research publications, news, media, CoStar, ESRI, Vizzda, Dodge Report, and other relevant resources for potential leads
  • Lead and participate in the creation of responses of RFQ’s, RFP’s and informal proposals for both public and private projects
  • Regularly attend industry events and trade shows. Look out for opportunities to serve on panels, be an industry leader and offer opportunities to include fellow LGE employees in networking activities
  • Prepare and present company capabilities and relevant cost and construction data to new clients, brokerage firms and other group settings.
  • Effectively communicate and manage estimating expectations and schedule to LGE’s preconstruction team, orchestrating in a comprehensive and professional presentation of construction estimates.
  • Facilitate the creation, negotiation, delivery, review, revision and execution of construction contracts with support by LGE’s legal team
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of client activities such as: due diligence, surveys, title, financing, transactions, development, funding, closing, leasing, brokerage, insurance, etc.
  • Develop creative sales and marketing strategies for the presentation of LGE to the real estate community
  • Track sales pipeline in a CRM – sources, types, square footage, cost and schedule, etc.
  • Track market projects/opportunities that fit LGE’s profile.
  • Meet with business development team on a weekly basis to ensure department and company goals are met
  • Research, document and present internal and external design, cost and construction intelligence and data relevant to clients and sources of business. Present trends periodically to LGE departments
  • Maintain and report on cold-calling activity to brokers and industry contact
  • Communicate with clients throughout project life-cycle ensuring they are satisfied, ultimately acting as a company resource to create a customer for life
  • Tour clients in existing projects or potential developments as needed
  • Meet with Industry Leaders including councilmembers, mayors, educators developing long term relationships for project opportunities
  • Prepare comprehensive bid/build hit list for different product categories LGE will be pursuing.
  • Prepare outgoing material and strategy for new “build only” platform.
Required Attributes
Most important is being an excellent team player. As a leader of LGE’s projects, maintaining a positive, communicative, respectful and energetic work environment is key to being successful. As is typical with sales-focused roles, persistence, follow-up and follow-through are critical. Computer skills to include knowledge in Microsoft Office, Adobe, assessors maps, CoStar, CRM software. Minimum of 3 years’ real estate experience with heavy preference toward sales-focused roles. Intellect, personality, desire and confidence to engage in public speaking and presenting in front of large groups. Multi-tasking is a must.
ABR (Annual Business Review) with COO to help maintain structure, goal setting, and concerns. Strategizing and communicating with Executive Leadership team to review pipeline on a weekly basis.
Annual review by COO to include peer and self-input. Reviews will be based on interactions and engagement with the team and evidence of how you demonstrate company values, direct involvement in ongoing developments, assistance in bringing in new business, and revenue generation.
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